it all started with a ginger snap.

Growing up in Montana, Dan’s mom was a wonderful cook who always had something from-scratch and delicious in their house. In particular, Dan loved her ginger snap cookies, a recipe that had been around for generations. At age 10, Dan made his own batch and entered them in the Western Montana Fair in Missoula - and out of hundreds of entrants - won. Years later, Dan and his family were embarking on a gluten-free diet and struggled to find any cookies in the store that came close to their favorite family recipes. Dan’s daughter Sydney suggested they turn that classic family ginger snap recipe gluten-free - and Sweet Sydney’s was born. Today we have baked around 4 million cookies, first in our home, and now in a beautiful commercial kitchen space in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. We still bake everything from scratch, by hand and with the best ingredients. We hope you enjoy our gluten free treats as much as we enjoy baking them for you.